Dear Girls, I have a question

This letter goes out to all the girls on this beautiful planet. And by that I mean every single individual which considers itself as female.

Dear girls,

I have a little problem. Do you remember what we were taught about girls in the Middle-age? All they had to do was looking pretty, singing and creating unnecessary pretty stuff. Basically it was the life of a bird in a golden cage.
Now, lets keep this picture of our sisters in mind and remember how women fought for our freedom over dozens of generations. And now, let’s compare the pictures of the “suffragettes” being in tears, because they hopelessly fought for OUR right to vote, to us.
What comes up in your mind?
Here’s what I see: On the one side strong minded women being in a unit to fight for the same reason. On the other side I see girls, only being concerned about the way they look and how they seem. Often in a competition with other girls on which they hate on. (I am not saying we’re all like this! Also, I am blaming myself since there were days on which beauty was more important than a book.)
We have those two pictures. Let’s include the picture of the Middle-Age girl. Which pictures are similar in kind. I’ll give you a hint: BEAUTY. Do you understand what I mean?
Our ancestors gave us the freedom to do whatever we want. They died for us. These women suffered for us, who are zombies of beauty industry today. We could do anything, if we worked hand in hand. We wouldn’t give people like Trump a chance to become so powerful, but guess what happened. A very good marketing and advertising of beauty products distracts us from making this planet a better.
Honestly, it is not my intention to taunt anyone. I’m angry about myself. The hundreds of euros I spent on makeup I could have used to do something actual helpful, like getting food for an animal centre or donating to build water pipes in a country of need. Instead, I wanted to grow up fast and be such an adult. That was the wrong way of growing up though. Even if I had the face of a thirty year old, I didn’t think like it. Also, I forgot what I stood for as a teen. It was important for me, to not fit in to the idea of mainstream beauty. As a five or six grader I started to wear boyish clothes. It was always black or red. Before that I was always wearing pink, because of Barbie, but I understood that I was not a barbie doll. Further, I stopped wearing skirts. My hobbies were karate and skating, not dancing or other sports which were considered as “girl’s stuff” back then. The list of drastic look changes goes on to my 19 year old self. This is when I started to try to fit in, without a reason. Maybe I was scared to not be liked..
Please, dear ancestors, don’t judge me for who I became! We girls still can change and many of us are already fighting!
Yet, some of us post irrelevant content like “How to look bomb on every picture” or “The power of makeup” on platforms like Youtube. What is worse, Millions watch this petty trash. Endless channels on Youtube try to teach us, how we can look prettier and be less ourselves.
Girls, I have one wish. Let’s stop this nightmare! It makes us sad how we can’t look like Beyoncé. We feel worthless, because our butt is flat. Some women laugh about other women, because of their eyebrows. Excuse me, but how can eyebrows be an insult?
Is it really that hard to appreciate one girls beauty without jealousy? Why aren’t we jealous about women who won the Nobel Peace Prize? Right, because we cannot change the fact how some are smarter than others. Same about our faces, we just can’t change it.
I challenge you to not wear makeup for a month, if you’re not already living completely nude faced. Makeup is like a drug. It makes us addicted. What’s worse, it makes us hate the faces underneath the paint. I hope to reach as many girls as possible. Let’s have a “No makeup April”.
Dear girls, this is an invitation to a better world. We need to learn to love who we are, so we can spread our love.
Don’t hide your talents. Don’t be afraid of who you are. Don’t find idols, be your own idol.

Before I say goodbye I want to introduce a very inspirational young lady. Please, listen to this song and listen to what Princess Nokia has to say. 

That’s it for now, ladies.


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