Generation “Another brick in the wall”

I always wondered how my generation would stand out from all others. Besides the facts, that we grew up in a new millennial and we came to be the digital natives, there had to be else. Stupid enough, I thought, that it had to be something obvious. It led me to a wrong ideas, but actually it was more of a hidden problem. Young people, like me, grew up in a very stable and safe world, regarding financial and safety issues. Also, we live in freedom, as never seen before, which is good.
However, it had it’s price. Adults nowadays tend to get divorced more often than the generations before. According to approx. 43% of the marriages are being divorced, which is around every second marriage(2,17 to be exact). Taking a closer look, every second marriage is being annulled under the presence of children. As many probably had to experience, a divorce doesn’t always happen as fair play.
Another important factor, which made us so different, is the internet. Within the last few years, the internet has happened to be a helpful but at the same time extremely dangerous digital parallel world. As I just can suppose and not tell for sure, is that we are more introverted about our inner microcosms but why is that? Speaking from my own experience, the internet has given us the opportunity to spread our thoughts and feelings anonymously. Through this new way of output, we don’t have a need to really talk about our problems with family and friends. On discussion boards, there are people, who could understand better either way, right? …
For sure, it’s not all about the output. The internet is also a wonderful way of getting massive amounts of information. To me it’s normal to read a Vice article about DMT while I sit on the toilet(sorry for so much intimacy 😉 ) or to check another funny meme on Trump, a friend has sent me, while I’m working as a waitress. What I’m trying to say, we find new information all the time. New cultures open up. This way we create us our own world with individual religions, beliefs and values, just like Pippi Longstock.
Maybe this plays the main part in defining my generation. We take what we like, what fits best, and make it ours. Through our messed up parent generation it can happen, that Alex, the Punk, wants to marry at young age, while his favourite movie is “Finding Nemo”. We are trying to find stability, where it has been taken away from us. My generation is more calm than the others. What they don’t know, we are revolting, but it’s a quiet revolution, because we are changing us, not our environment. Of course it also happens, that we unite paradox standards, but that doesn’t mean we are lying to ourselves, we simply grew up in a paradox world referring to safety and contrary instability I mentioned in the beginning.
In my eyes, it’s wonderful how various we are. It’s not a certain style that makes us, it’s not one kind of music, that defines us, no, actually variety is who we are.
All in all, it happens to be, that we are walking figures, built out of our own blocks, we chose. Putting this whole generation together, I see us as bricks, in a huge wall, and this wall is as colourful, as no other wall has ever been before.

Therefore, I decided to start an interview series, in which I get to know different people of our generation. Everyone is outstanding, no matter if you decide to go for a simple life or you want to be a crazy artist. See here an interview with Boulevard Depo, a Russian Cloud Rap artist.

Keep yourself posted and be proud of who you are.


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