SOS for Sun Flowers

Surly, I won’t be the only one, who doesn’t consider herself as a winter flower. It’s a miracle how people actually are able to enjoy winter. Maybe somebody didn’t tell them, but it’s cold, there is no sun and everyone’s grumpy. Specially me, I’m the number one victim of winter depression. This year, I figured some tricks how to finally be fine with the most unnecessary time of the year.

Tip 1: Vitamin D
We all crave for the D. Our bodies are even able to produce it on their own, despite the fact, that we need sunlight. Our sun flower super power needs it to touch the skin, so some nature magic can happen. The lighter you are, the better the Vitamin D production. A D deficit can lead to many issues like Depression. 😉
To prevent, I do Vitamin D supplements in winter.

Tip 2: Summer Calendar
I introduced my own summer holidays to hail the summer in winter. For example, the 21st Dec is the winter solstice, so the days become longer again. Then 31st Dec is NYE, new is always good. Good means new life. 31st Jan is the last day of the winter semester. 14th Feb is Valentine’s Day. Love is a spring feeling. If you don’t have a crush, just celebrate with your best friends. 24th March is already the beginning of Spring.

Tip 3: Colour yourself
Everyone, who knows me, probably knows, how much I like dark clothes. In winter, it helps me to wear one colourful accessory though like a red scarf. Surrounding yourself with nice colours is a good way to not fall into an emo mood.

Tip 4: Don’t cave in
It may be more comfortable to stay inside during the winter months but being social, will keep you busy. Also, being with other people means fun. Go out to enjoy bestie time in your favourite café.

Tip 5: Treat yourself
If the daily life is about to make you drown, just break out for a weekend, and enjoy a little vacation. Even if it’s just a cheap wellness hotel in the town you live, it will help to calm your nerves.

These are my tips on how to survive winter. Let me know if you have additional suggestions.

For now, I can’t wait for winter to be over. I miss the singing birds in the morning.

Till then,


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