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I decided to dedicate my 2017 to health. Everybody is promoting their healthy lifestyle now, but actually it’s a very good trend. It’s all about you and your precious life. When I’m older, I don’t want to look into the mirror and regret all the cigs and alcohol since the body ages faster of it. Also, your organs get injured. A liver transplantation isn’t what I want. Why not changing then?

The miracle of my illumination already started in 2016 though. I hate these NYE’s plans, so I quitted eating sugar on Christmas as a first step. In addition, I started a workout routine which I’ll explain on another day.

Today, I want to write about my experiences on quitting industrial sugar. First of all, I still eat sugar from fruits and veggies, which is really important, because our brain needs sugar to work properly. Contrary, the white sugar is pure poison. It doesn’t only cause obesity but also Diabetes and various blood pressure diseases. What’s worse, it’s addictive, so your snack attacks might be caused by your body craving for sugar.

So here’s what I experienced on my first days on cold turkey:

Day 1: I felt good during the day but started to be very tired in the early evening.

Day 2: I woke up at 6.40 in the morning and couldn’t fall asleep again. Tiredness stayed the whole day.

Day 3: Woke up at 7.00 in the morning and couldn’t fall asleep again. Still, tired through the whole day. Skin started to become really bad.

Day 4: Same problems as the day before and skin became much worse.

Day 5: Same problems as the days before.

Day 6: Same problems but my skin started to feel softer.

Day 7: Incredibly exhausted due to tiredness. Bad skin stayed. Cold body.

Day 8: I started to feel better, woke up at 7.00 in the morning but fell asleep again for another two hours. Skin is still very bad, but less oily. Did an intense workout easily.

Day 9: Slept until 8.00 in the morning. Feeling very well. Hard workout was a little more difficult. Tiredness came back at noon.

At first, the sugar detox might seem bad, but these side effects are told to be normal. The body has to go back to a normal blood sugar regulation. Sleeping problems and bad skin are also a common effect, that’ll go away within two weeks. What is very important to mention is that I also quitted smoking and drinking shortly before, so the side effects might be more extreme on me.
A very positive effect, I observed, is less appetite. I eat less and I stay stuffed for longer than usual. Even a salad with lots of different veggies and some shrimps could fill me up for a few hours. Another very positive fact is that my body itself became warmer even if my hands remained ice cold.
It’s just the beginning, so I’ll write about my further experiences from time to time.

If you also want to try a sugar free diet(to my German readers: diet also means “Ernährung”) please make sure to give your body enough energy through healthy food. Eat frequently and drink a lot. Best are non-fizzy drinks like water or tea. I don’t want to achieve a skinny body, but a toned and strong one. In the past I poisoned my body a lot. Due to this, my body reacted with obvious warnings. Alcohol abuse is not a lifestyle; it’s just harming yourself. I don’t want to influence you, it’s just an advice. Do what you need to do.

Happy new year!

Yours truly,





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