All eyes on Russia: Boulevard Depo

In the past few weeks Russian underground music caught my fascination. Even if I don’t understand a word, their sick beats and crazy music videos are pure art. Actually, it all began as a kind of joke as I typed “Russian cloud rap” with a dizzy head in YouTube. All I knew was about Russia’s fashion influence under Gosha Rubchinsky.

However, today’s focus lays on Boulevard Depo, member of Yung Russia and inventor of Weedwave. The 25-year-old used to live in Ufa but is based in St. Petersburg nowadays. His tracks definitely delight through the trappy beats with some Cloud Rap like effects. My personal three most hyped tracks are 5 Минут Назад, a collab with Yung Russia mate PharaohNEONBONE$$$ and  CHAMPAGNE SQUIRT, again in collaboration with Pharaoh.

Here is what he had to say about his music and the young Russian generation:

What inspired you to do music?
Lounging, lots of free time and people who surrounded me. It’s like starting to skateboard.

What are your topics? Non-Russian-speakers don’t understand your texts, so maybe you could sum it up with a few words?
I read about existential issues that I include in my work. It’s some edges between drug trips and some real life experiences.  At the same time, I use some funny inside jokes like “Mother’s Jacket” or “Fresh Soft” that are full of local slang words. I don’t really wright about some merchant shit like money, cars, self-building and so on. Minimum of egocentricity.

What do you think about the Soviet hype?
Not thinking about it.

Do you see yourself as a Rebel of the Russian Federation? And does your work show of a point of view regarding Putin’s actions?
No, I don’t feel feel like it. I know Russia with all the advantages and disadvantages. Feels like a splinted cell here. I try to avoid social institutions. No politics in music.

Could you tell us about Russia’s Underground scene? What is really going on?
Russian underground lies to itself. They put themselves in frames that I don’t accept. However, I also can be called an undergrounder. About what’s happening, guys try to oppose others. Time shows off how they turn to people that they actually tried to contradict before.

Where does Yung Russia position in this Underground music scene?

Yung Russia is the grave of this underground scene. We just needed 2 years to fuck up this underground, so they already don’t associate us with themselves, although we still use unprofessional methods to create music. We’re just fresh.

How does the close collaboration with Pharaoh come about? Where and how did you get to know?
Pharaoh is my old homie. We started doing music while being in different cities through Telegram. And we did it with real jam. When two sociopaths meet each other they have topics to talk about, you know. Despite the fact that Russia is huge, people with common interests are attaching to each other.

Did you intend to do music for Russians only or do you want to reach other countries as well?
Of course I’m a worldwide kid, so I’d like to spread my music more than just over Russia. I’m dreaming about having a tour in Korea for example or Europe, or actually doesn’t matter.

Where do you find your inspiration in general?
I find it in creepy stories of my life or my friend’s lives. At times, it’s enough to have a look at a picture to write a song or else, when you just chill and joke around with friends, so a joke transforms into a track by accident.

How would you define your sense of fashion?
I like some rare stuff and blank clothes. I’m not found in following some frashion streetwear brands. Also, I prefer style over fashion. To sum it up, I look like junk  of an intellectual family.

Are you planing on touring in other countries than Russia?
Of course, as I’ve already mentioned. I’m planing to reach other countries to acquaint foreigners with Russian subculture ‘coz it’s harder doing all this stuff in Russia than anywhere else. Probably, we are more honest in our creations than our foreign colleagues if you compare.

A picture says more than a thousand words. Which emoji would you be?
This is a boarded up house ‘coz I’m closed for people. Inside this house are living different demons and spirits but they’re all my family.

Thanks for taking your time. Good luck for your future, we’ll definitely keep an eye on you.



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