Not another opinion on Racism

Some might already be annoyed about the racism debates. “We’re all equal and blacks are not a lower race, we get it.” Sadly, that’s not the complete truth but most of my generation don’t see a difference between white and black anymore, which is a good thing. Still, for me as a half Chinese girl, racism happens on a daily basis. It’s so much more accepted than racism towards other ethnicities. Even my friends are racist about me without even noticing. I kinda gave up telling them, because I got used to it.

At first, I want to clear up the definition of “Racism”:

  1. Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:‘a programme to combat racism’
  2. The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races:
    ‘theories of racism’


Correct me if I got it wrong, but to me, racism can also happen to have positive prejudices.

Concerning my experiences, people made fun of me because I’m bad at maths. Isn’t it true that every Chinese is good in maths? Else when, someone said, that I surly could sing because I’m Chinese. Does that make sense? Or people often say, that I’m so Chinese when I have my moments of being girly and cute. Maybe I just like to be like that from time to time. Asia isn’t just K-Pop, Mangas and maths geniuses. What’s more, it’s definitely not a country! Hopefully, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s ignorant to say so. Furthermore, it’s not funny to say that all Chinese products are low quality made and than call me low quality made as well. Imagine I cared about these comments, it would hurt so much. There are people that are actually hurt by these comments. Some weeks ago we watched a video about racism against Asians in university. It made me really angry how the whole room laughed while watching. It wasn’t the effect that the makers tried to cause. Afterwards, no professor said how immature their reaction was. Since then I felt huge anger every time I entered the room. Please, watch the video as well to hear other experiences. They may seem funny at first sight but it isn’t since people are hurt.  They’re just to polite to hint your rudeness. May I ask you to stop making jokes like these? Or saying that I have certain qualities because I’m half Chinese? It just shows are uneducated you are. I’m half German but I’m never on time. Do you know what I’m trying to say?

As you know, I’m a half German half Chinese mixed race baby, but in Germany people see me as “The Chinese Girl” which is simply laughable since my biological father is German. Also, I live in Germany since 16 years, where I went to a German school to get my German graduation and finally go to a German university. Therefore I have a German passport and I’m registered as a German citizen. As every German, I am governed the German laws and have the same rights as every other German person. People still call me “THE CHINESE GIRL”. Even if I’m born in China, it doesn’t mean that I’m Chinese. I was raised in the German culture. Surely, many 2nd or above immigrant generations can relate to that problem. We are excluded from the German community because of our exotic looks. This exclusion has a greater cause on young people than it seems in the beginning. I had a huge crisis in my teens, because I didn’t have an identity. Today I consider myself as a cosmopolitain. Others call themselves German because they have the right due to their German citizenship. So please, may I ask you to not exclude someone from the German community through stupid words you just didn’t think about? Thank you. Also don’t forget, it’s not specifically about mix-race babies, Chinese or other Asians. It’s about every ethnicity, no matter if they look Turkish, Indian, Vietnamese or Hispanic (etc).

Another point, that really annoys me is how people try to guess my origins when they get to know me. Why do you care? Should it be your business? Did I ask you to guess my folks? To me, it isn’t too bad if they’re just curious and ask a normal question like:”You look exotic, may I ask about your origins?” But I despise people who ask me wether I am Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese or some Thai. Did you study Asian studies or how could you tell? People don’t get how ridiculous it is as they try to guess my origins even if they have no idea about Asia. Imagine my mother asked every European looking person she gets to know about their origins. “Are you French, German, Austrian or Norwegian?”
Maybe the guy’s from Canada. Sounds stupid, right?
What’s worse, as I tell people that my mom’s from China some react like:”What? You don’t look Chinese?” What do you know? There are 72 nationalities in China and over 90 different ethnicities. China is approx. 27 times bigger than Germany. China has around 17 times more inhabitants than Germany. China is simply massive. How come you know how THE Chinese person looks like. Do some research if you want to talk to me next time. It prevents you from being a racist prick.

Everything I wrote is based on my experiences and I’m open for other opinions.

Thanks a lot if you read the hole article. Perchance I changed something. What’s more, I’ll upload an additional YouTube video soon.




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