About Disney Princesses and Kylie Jenner

First of all, I don’t mean to hate on Kylie Jenner. She is a pretty girl as she always has been. After her massive surgeries, at a very young age, she just turned into some completely different type of girl. However, to me beauty is something natural. That doesn’t mean the mainstream idea of beauty. It’s more of finding something special and outstanding in people’s faced. In my opinion, makeup works best if people point out the best features. Nobody will freak out about some little flaws. Trés Parisienne, I would say. These women have it.
Although I’m not the only one having an opinion on Kylie’s looks. Millions of teenagers adore her for the way she presents herself. As a matter of fact, many would try to achieve the same body as her which is impossible without implants and several operations.
Nothing new though, media has always promotet an unachievable body type.
When I think back to my childhood, I could remember what a massive influence Barbie, Disney princesses and Britney Spears had on me. During the most fragile time of my life, specially Disney has taught me, that beauty means being light skinned and caucasian. The only exceptions were Yasmin, Pocahontas and Mulan. It was easy to personify myself with Mulan since I’m a Chinese German mix. Unbelievable, that it has taken to 2009 to release a film with a black heroine(Tiana in “The Princess and the Frog”). Why weren’t more exotic faces produced? Shouldn’t every child feel like it could be the hero of some story? It’s rather difficult if one of the burdens is the outta appearance. What’s more, there are so many different types of beauty. Children need to see them selves in their heroes. Doesn’t that seem important in an child’s development?
Hopefully it doesn’t surprise you, if I tell you, that I bleached my hair back than. Every night, I prayed to God, to make me skinnier and give me another face. Back in the days, I was a Catholic believer. What might be the worst, I even secretly saved money for my first plastic surgery. I never told anyone about it. It sounds so insane. I was only eight years old. However, it’s in the past, the future makes me worry even more. The numbers of anorexic or bulimic children under the age of 13 is rapidly rising. May I have a moment to think about it? … Shoutouts to Barbie. Great job. Children shouldn’t be concerned about their looks other than enjoying their ability to create with their phantasy.
My light of hope, were my teens, as I started to not style in the sense of mainstream beauty. I proudly dressed myself as an Emo, Punk, Grunge or whatever underground movement I admired at the several stages of puberty.
Nowadays, media has me back in it’s sticky claws. When I’m staring at myself in the mirror, I feel so unattractive. My genetics didn’t include Kylie Jenner’s ass or Kendall’s legs. Let’s not think about Kim Kardashian’s hour glass body that I could never achieve through a special diet or specific workouts.
It makes me envious, an emotion that is easily provoked when it comes to superficialities. And I hate it because I actually don’t want to be envy of anyone. It’s just not healthy.
To be honest, media works pretty smart. It’s creating a picture of ideals that the average citizen could never become. Then, we admire them as if they we’re gods. Last step is to place some products next to these young gods so we would buy stuff that we don’t need to give us the feeling of being someone. Kind of reminds me of the “Fight Club” quote which says “we buy shit we don’t need to impress people we don’t like” or something.
How about starting a little revolution? What if we suddenly see those gods when we look in the mirror. And what if the only people who had to tell us if we’re cute or not, are ourselves?
I think it’s easier to love yourself if you have a clear reason why society and media is trying to make quite the opposite happen.

All in all, everyone has a different understanding of beauty and everyone should embrace it. One last question to my male readers. How did the ideal body and face image influence you in your development?

Whatever, ladies and gentlemen and similair, let’s enjoy the upcoming holiday’s. Maybe we should simply pity the Victoria’s Secret model because they couldn’t eat momma’s delicious home cooked Christmas festive food.

Ophelia has nothing more to say(at least for now). Ophelia over and out.


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