A not so glamorous life

I didn’t know how to start this blog for a long time. The first scripts I wrote didn’t sound much like me. Somehow, I felt like I was bragging about something. The actually not so sad truth is, I’m just a normal girl, trying to survive this urban jungle. Maybe it would be better for my image if I pretended to have a super cool and healthy lifestyle, while jet setting over the planet, but I don’t. Let’s be honest, sometimes I lay around, checking celebrities and models and their goddess like bodies, while I’m opening another pack of cookies. Every now and then, I manage to be super ambitious and start to do some workout with a healthy diet in addition. Truth is, after a month or sometimes just a week, daily life hits me right in the face and brings me back to my beloved cookies. It’s an unbreakable circle.
The cookies shouldn’t be my only guilty pleasure though. Thanks to my worship to Lana Del Rey, Joy Division and Edith Piaf, I like to drink Martini’s and red wine while smoking a pack of Marlboro, because one cigarette wouldn’t be enough, right? It gives me the weird feeling of being closer to my idols. Even though I had to admit that Lana’s pussy probably doesn’t taste much like Pepsi after all these cigarettes.
I really try to make my momma proud but something puts out the blaze of my passion’s fire. Every time I have the idea to do something like for example this blog or a YouTube channel, someone tells me I couldn’t make it. So I don’t even try. Failing doesn’t seem like an opportunity so I’d do nothing instead. It’s stupid. Normally, I don’t give a damn about people’s opinions but somehow I still do. What’s worse, negative feedback has much more power over me than positive. I’m surly not the only one who has that. In this case, being self confident sounds rather rebellious.
So I decided to give it a try and finally spread my thoughts on the internet. Some may consider my thoughts as boring or another self expressing trash but this time I don’t care.

It’s not about people’s negativity, it’s about my strength I try to develop. Isn’t it true, that I can’t change people but I can change myself? There will always be bullies who try to drag me down but it’s me who decides wether to let them be heard or not.

So, let’s get this blog started. If possible I’ll upload new articles on a daily basis. Make sure to kick my little flat ass if I don’t.

Till then,

urs Ophelia

Watch my trip to London here.




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